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American Roulette Mobile - Play for Fun

Microgaming’s Gold Series is quite an illustrious fare of virtual table games and includes a fine variety of roulette games, along with rummy, baccarat, blackjack and many others. The game that we have here is American Roulette, which is a loyal rendition of the classic game with the most basic gameplay and simple visuals on a grey table.

It has 00 - 36 positions and a smoothly animated roulette wheel. You can bet on colours, even and odd numbers. You are looking at perhaps the most novice-friendly roulette version here because other than being simple and easy, it also carries Microgaming’s excellence for performance across mobiles and desktops of all kinds, leveraging instant play/ no download technology. And the best part is that you can play free American Roulette demo version right here at Vulkan Vegas Casino Canada - no deposit, no registration required! Try it out!

American Roulette Gameplay

The American Roulette with a double zero wheel was made popular throughout the 1970s in the US and Canadian gambling markets, and it has been flourishing since then in contrast to the single zero wheels that are more common in European and French versions. This is the one and the only non-card game that’s played on a table.

Microgaming’s Gold Series American Roulette does not have any special features - it is the epitome of the ordinary. Because there is a lack of surprise, this game brings an authentic ambience, where it is all about striking a win. All you have to do is choose your chips, place your bet and wait for the moment!

The betting range is an 8-slot carousel, with bets costing C$ 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. This is standard practice, where there is room for all kinds of bettors to afford a however long-term gaming session.

Software Provide



C$1 to C$500



Multiplayer Mode


Mobile Version


How to Play American Roulette Online

The gameplay starts with understanding the bet. Now looking at the navigation, which is the crispest layout, the chips section, however, is a bit unusual. You have to scroll the carousel-like box to select your chip. You can place multiple bets in a single round. The inside and outside bets go like in the following table:

Inside Bets

Bet Limits (CAD)

Straight Up

1 - 10


1 - 20


1 - 30


1 - 40

5 Number Line

1 - 40

Line Bet

1 - 50

Outside Bets

Bet Limits

Column, Dozen and Even Money

1 to 80

As per the authentic American Roulette version, the table spread here has 38 divisions – including the single and double 0s. Apart from that, there are 36 numbers in red and black with separate pockets. All you have to do is place your chips on your desired field of inside and outside bets and spin the reel. It is highly advisable to read the user manual and rules if you are investing real money in a casino game. Understand the risks and terms, and make a conscious move.

There is nothing like learning through practice, so we, at Vulkan Vegas online casino, have arranged for you to play American Roulette for free. Playing for fun, it doesn’t require any deposits or a membership. Of course, the chips you’d win through the demo version won’t be actual cash. But if you like to play the real money mode, then you are welcome to become a member. We have lined up a great many surprises for both our new and existing customers - where the excitement and rewards are simply neverending.

Payouts and Odds

Coming down to the business part of the game: if you venture on to play American Roulette for real money, then you have a pretty high house edge to match up to. The winning odds fluctuate based on the pattern of your bets. So below is a glimpse of what it may look like:

Inside Bets


Straight Up








Five Number Line




Outside Bets


Column and Dozen


Even Money


The theoretic Return to Player (RTP) percentage goes at 94.74%. By the look of the house edge, you look like you can use a bit of a gambling strategy, so here goes a few on how to win at American Roulette:

  1. Have a closer look at the 5-number line bet - this is the highest volatile move in this game, wherein the chance for landing the ball in any of the numbers is just about 13%! So, think twice when using this bet.
  2. When it comes to a game of luck, the most strategic move you can place is by controlling your expenditure. And that is not about going for low stakes every time. You have to take the plunge with high-stakes too, to optimize your chance of a big win.

Get Ready to Roll the Ball at Vulkan Vegas Casino!

American Roulette online game is among the highest played online casino games, and although the house edge is quite high and the RTP is rather below average, there is something about it that keeps punters coming back. This version certainly has some good rewards waiting for the long-term players. It is not at all reserved for high-rollers, it is rather more favourable for novices and low rollers. So, why not try it yourself! It is yours at Vulkan Vegas online casino.

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