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Baccarat Touch - Play for Fun

Net Entertainment’s virtual rendition of the 500-year old card game of Baccarat comes in different versions – standard, low-roller and high-roller, plus an additional VIP version. And in November 2020, NetEnt rolled out their first Live Baccarat that completes the circle of their table games portfolio

Here, we have featured the standard Baccarat table with a green background that follows the traditional rules played over 8 decks of 52 cards and the 9:1 Tie payout. Flexible betting options, a low house edge and modern gaming features altogether promise a sophisticated gambling experience! So, go on, and break into your own 007 moments. Netent’s Baccarat demo and real money versions are now available for Canadian players at Vulkan Vegas casino.

Main Features of Baccarat 

Netent has designed its speed Baccarat online game for modern punters. They call it Baccarat Pro or Professional Series. It is a suavely designed tableau with HD graphics and seamless no download mobile gaming accessibility. Here are the main details:

Software Provider: NetEnt

Bet Limits:  C$0.10 - C$ 3,000

RTP:     98.94% (Banker) 

             98.76% (Player)

             85.64% (Tie)

Mobile Version: Yes

Multiplayer Mode: N/A

The main objective of the game is to place your bet on the outcome of the “hands”. The hand whose total value is closest to 9 would win. In this game, you have the full table of 3 sections to place your bet - Player, Banker and Tie. The player and the banker can get either two or three cards, whilst a 3rd card can be used as Tie. 

There are 3 betting options in this game, with chips costing a minimum of C$0.10 and a maximum of C$500. A maximum number of chips worth C$1,000 can be placed on one section. So, if you place C$1,000 on each section, the max bet will be C$3,000. 

You have separate buttons for New Game and Rebet. It has a Fast Play feature that lets you adjust gaming speed and cut to the chase of the round result.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is a game of 100% luck. Players would place their bets as a prediction of their next hand. But in this particular title, there are some scopes of strategy that can be used without diverting from the traditional gameplay. First of all, there are several betting options that let you control the expenditure. The good news is there is a High Roller bet option of C$100 and C$500 bets as well. Then, there is the use of a third card that can be drawn by both Player and the Banker, according to the Third Card Rules. 

It is crucial for players to conceive the game rules before investing real money. Here is a generalized overview of the game rules:

  • First, select your betting amount from the right-hand section of the chips. Use the arrows on the side to navigate into the betting options.
  • Click/tap on the chip of your desired amount to select your bet, and then move your cursor to the betting area. You can wager on the Player, Banker or TIe sections all together or singularly. 
  • If you’d like to go back and delete a chip from a section, then use the chip with a red cross sign. Click on the delete chip, and then click on the chips you want to remove.
  • Click on Deal to start the game.
  • Each position is dealt two cards.
  • The New Bet button resets the bets for a new one, and Rebet button would repeat the previous bet. The Rebet 2X would double the bet amounts on each section from what you used on the previous round.
  • Third Card Rules 
    • Both the Player and Banker would have a Hand Stand for landing a hand value of 8 and above. 
    • If the player has a hand value of 6 and above, the hand stands.
    • The player can draw a Third Card (Tie) when they have a hand of 0-5. 
    • The banker can only draw a third card when they have a hand of 0-5, and the player stands. 

A smooth and crisp rendition of the classic ambience sticks on with you as you progress into the game. 

Payouts and Odds

All cards are worth their face value. The standard win is 1.95x your bet, which is rounded down to 2 decimal places to the closest round amount. The standard payouts go as the following: 

  • Player - 2:1
  • Banker - 0.95:1 (a 5% commission is taken)
  • Tie Bet - 9:1.

Theoretically, the Return to Player (RTP) ranges from 98.94% for Banker bets and 98.76% for Player bets, while for Tie Bets, it’s 85.64%. 

Tips on how to win at Baccarat: If you have consecutive losses, you still have ground to adjust your stakes to as low as C$ 1 and C$ 5 to bring balance. You may go for the lowest bets of C$ 0.10 and C$ 0.50 technically, reducing your expenditure, but since your uneven bets would be rounded down to 2 decimal places, it is better to use more and more even bets.

Play Baccarat for Real Money or Check Out the Demo Mode!

NetEnt has launched its table games section for a fast-paced iGaming experience, and the Baccarat Pro Series is perhaps the most categorically designed feature in it. With 3 different versions and modern features, this speed baccarat has the best of both worlds - the authenticity of the traditional gameplay and the jive of modern online casino games. So, take a seat and try a hand - you might just get lucky to land high winnings for a worthwhile return to your investment. Play Baccarat for free here, at Vulkan Vegas Casino Canada, without registration or deposit. For those who like to play for real money, we have lined a sensible array of bonuses that are simply irresistible. Have a blast!

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