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Wheel of Fortune at Vulkan Vegas Casino

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Win!

The Wheel of Fortune has existed for ages, with a much longer history than casino-style games. The idea that a spin of a wheel can decide someone’s fortune can be traced as far back as the Babylonian times, between 626 and 539 BC. Since then, the Wheel of Fortune has undergone many transformations.

For example, the Romans named it Rota Fortunae, and modern versions to date depict the goddess Fortuna, often blindfolded, spinning the wheel. That said, the prominence of this game in modern times can primarily be attributed to its American television game show version that aired first in January 1975.

American show host and media mogul Merv Griffin created the original television show. It was aired for over 6,000 episodes, and its immense popularity birthed games of similar calibre around the world. With the TV game in mind, casinos like Vulkan Vegas struck upon the idea of creating the game to change people’s lives forever. As a leader in the online casino industry, we assure you that you’ll have loads of fun with the Wheel of Fortune experience at Vulkan Vegas Casino.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Win!

If you want to play the Wheel of Fortune at the Vulkan Vegas casino, you must first ensure that you have registered for membership on our site. After creating your Vulkan Vegas casino account, here are the simple steps you should follow to start enjoying the game:

  1. Power up the game from your local browser, and the wheel will appear.
  2. Set your wager from 5 to 500 coins per spin.
  3. Choose your bet multiplier amount between x1 and x100.
  4. Click on the button at the center of the wheel to spin it.
  5. Wait for your chance to win.

When the wheel comes to a stop, you will be awarded a prize, with the maximum payout per spin standing at 1,500 coins. Overall, the prizes in this Wheel of Fortune game vary as follows:

  • Win Multipliers: A multiplier factor boosts your win by a specific coefficient.
  • Cash Prizes: Instant cash prizes will be credited to your account immediately.
  • Points: Vulkan Vegas points that you can later redeem into real cash prizes.
  • Respins: Awards you another opportunity to spin the wheel and land more prizes without incurring additional costs.

If your spin lands you on the empty sector, you’ll have lost your bet. You can then choose to take another spin if you like.


Can I play the Wheel of Fortune game for free?

No. The Wheel of Fortune isn’t available to play for free. Register for an account at Vulkan Vegas, load your deposit, and spin the wheel.

What makes the Wheel of Fortune popular among casino players?

The excitement of the unknown and the potential of bagging significant wins are behind the game’s widespread popularity. The anticipation of the prizes you stand to win is second to none and will make you want to come back for more.

How much can I win in Wheel of Fortune?

The maximum amount you can win in Wheel of Fortune at Vulkan Vegas is 1,500 coins.

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