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Blackjack Lucky Sevens Online

Blackjack Lucky Sevens brings to players a classic online casino card game of Blackjack, or “21” as it is also known. This table game has been crafted by software developers of Evoplay Entertainment, who are known for the smooth operational capabilities and great graphics of their games. Blackjack Lucky Sevens is literally fashioned in line with the rules and gameplay of the classic variant of Blackjack. The graphics are well-coordinated if simple. The interface is dominated by a large card table on which the virtual title is played out of course. This serves to simulate the live casino gambling experience of an exciting play of Blackjack, allowing players to immerse themselves in action on the screen!

Blackjack Lucky Sevens - Rules of the Game

One can play free Blackjack Lucky Sevens online at VulkanVegas or play the game for real money bets. Either way, it is very important to learn the ropes first. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Blackjack Lucky Sevens uses a single deck of 52 cards as it follows the classic rules of this card game which has been popular for a while now.
  • The objective of the player is to beat the dealer. This can be done by having cards in his hand that are of a cumulative value higher than the dealer's and closest to the magic number, 21.
  • The gameplay is simple and lucid, and the user is allowed to choose the number of hands dealt at the table, the maximum being three.
  • The player must place his or her bet before the round begins. This can be done using the controls at the bottom of the interface.
  • The coin value per by the player as well as the total bet in a given game is visible on the interface is well, helping the player's keep track of their money.
  • Once the bet is placed, the game ensues, and the player presses the 'Deal' button. If the player succeeds in defeating the dealer, a generous reward proportionate to their bet awaits them.

Lucky Number Seven!

When in an online casino, it is always important for a player to know the odds they have to win at a game and the house edge at the same. Blackjack Lucky Sevens ticks the right boxes in this field as it gives players more than decent winning odds.

The return to player ratio is said to be close to 99%. What's more, Evoplay has introduced a new feature that ups a player's winning chances manifold. This is the 'Lucky Sevens' feature, which lends the title its name.

In accordance with this, if a player has three cards of the value 7 in one hand, they're given a bonus win of 1.5 x their initial bet on the game!

This feature is unique and adds to the charm and intrigue of this classic casino card game.

Take a Chance, or Two

Everything considered it is safe to say that Blackjack Lucky Sevens is an online casino game that promises online gamblers one of the best combinations of thrill and familiarity. It allows gamers to immerse themselves in the popular world of the card table with the immaculate graphics while keeping them at the edge of their seats with the fast-paced gameplay and the quick-witted design.

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Blackjack Lucky Sevens
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