t001*** 6,400 RUB
niku*** 3,810 RUB
serg*** 1,200 RUB
Elven Princesses
i.be*** 1,824 RUB
Tome of Madness
plat*** 115 PLN
serg*** 2,100 RUB
Elven Princesses
pech*** 9,684 RUB
Rise of Olympus
pabo*** 1,100 RUB
Lucky Lady's Clover
plat*** 123 PLN
serg*** 1,080 RUB
Elven Princesses
dmit*** 5,350 RUB
serg*** 1,310 RUB
Elven Princesses
niku*** 1,098 RUB
serg*** 1,010 RUB
Elven Princesses
plat*** 62 PLN
han7*** 2,750 RUB
Agent Jane Blonde Returns
dmit*** 4,750 RUB
han7*** 1,100 RUB
Agent Jane Blonde Returns
dmit*** 7,950 RUB
dmit*** 1,050 RUB
iigo*** 1,360 RUB
Boom Pirates
plat*** 65 PLN
dmit*** 6,800 RUB
Paul*** 31 USD
Fat Rabbit
niku*** 1,800 RUB
pabo*** 2,000 RUB
Lucky Lady's Clover
plat*** 209 PLN
dmit*** 1,800 RUB
vaga*** 7,173 RUB
Diamond Cats
rexa*** 81 PLN
Available Bonuses
About game

European Roulette Gold Play For Real Money

If you ever wondered where to start playing the roulette, you in the right place. The European Roulette, carefully created by Microgaming company, is a classic online casino game. Presented on the VulkanVegas website, this game will definitely catch your attention.

This platform has dual language support, giving players access to both Russian and English. Players are afforded the opportunity to try out a plethora of games from top-notch developers in one optimised website. European Roulette is one of their top games which brings in a significant amount of footfall to their site.

The European version of this game has an interesting graphic interface, everything from the croupier to the game table invokes a feeling of being in a live gambling casino. In addition to this, the background music and the sound effects are well thought out and add to the entertaining factor of the game.

Spinning the Wheels of Roulette

European Roulette, unlike American one, has one less number this; however, it does not mean the visual presentation is messed up. This does impact the player’s best chances of garnering a win, by upping the odds for the bonus. In European Roulette there are more chances of landing a red and black colour, the numbers 1 to 36 are there on the reel.

For their bettor's convenience, the playable is featured under the ‘Edit Layout’ option, where the players can adjust the size of the bets, the general layout of the game, and get a zoomed-in view of the betting chips. For the newbies, there is also the ‘Autoplay’ option that allows players to adjust their bets with the click of a button with no manual inputs.

There are chips laid down on the betting table, and the player has to select the ones he thinks will bring him good luck.

Odds of Winning

European Roulette Gold is a flexible game that allows players to bet with as low as 1 credit, and it goes up to 100 credits per chip easily. The betting range invites both novices and seasoned bettors alike. This game has a higher chance of making bonuses rain on players owing to the one less available number in the roulette wheel.

The European version also has one instead of two zeros; thus, the chances of landing a red or black number goes up exponentially. Red and black are the most powerful colours on the board and rewards one of the highest bonuses to players.

Some Concluding Thoughts

European Roulette Gold by Microgaming is easily one of the best real money casino games available online right now. One can play free European Roulette online without having to register courtesy of VulkanVegas. The bonus from the said winnings can be carried forward to when players start wagering with their real money. Being one of the best-sellers does give this table game a house edge, which transpires in the winnings of the bettors as well.

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European Roulette Gold