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Roman Legion
xmr6*** 25 EUR
Golden Ticket 2
cerg*** 2,160 RUB
Rise of Merlin
simo*** 47 EUR
Book of Dead
olo0*** 144 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
mich*** 22 EUR
Elven Princesses
play*** 120 PLN
Fancy Fruits
bade*** 24 EUR
Story Of Egypt
olo0*** 210 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
cerg*** 1,510 RUB
Rise of Merlin
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Elven Princesses
geda*** 30 EUR
Western Gold
play*** 80 PLN
Fancy Fruits
olo0*** 160 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
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The Book Beyond
olo0*** 400 PLN
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Fruit Rush
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10 Burning Heart
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Western Gold
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Western Gold
bade*** 30 EUR
Story Of Egypt
taki*** 1,315 RUB
Mystery Museum
cool*** 33 EUR
Fruit Rush
geda*** 30 EUR
Western Gold
olo0*** 128 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
poed*** 28 EUR
Fancy Fruits
Available Bonuses
GameArt / Evoplay battle
Ends in:
days   h : m : s
Prize pool:
RUB 500000
About game

Fruit Blast 92 Slot Machine

Fruit Blast, released in April 2017 by Skillz Gaming, is a modern take on the classic candy crush. The online casino games is set in some beautiful bar at a beach with background music of guitar strums. It is not like a regular casino slot and offers games divided into different levels. It can be played for free as well as real money. It is advised to play free Fruit Blast casino slot machine first then try for real money.

Key Gaming Information

Fruit Blast offers five reels and five rows, making it a 5x5 grid structure. It is an interactive “cluster” game. The RTP offered by them varies in between 94.02% and 96.12%. The symbols available in the slot include different types of fruits like pineapple, watermelon, lemon, cherries, and grapes.

The slot also offers jackpot prizes and bonus games. A brief description of these two features is given below:

  • Jackpot. The jackpot is represented by number 7 in a nice golden background. Crushing three or more jackpot symbol at once rewards a player with a multiplier worth 1,000X the gambling amount.
  • Bonus. The bonus symbol in the game is the word 'bonus' depicted in a pink background. A player can win real money of great amount if the screen splash 3 or more bonus symbols at once.

Rules to Play

One of the best aspects of Fruit Blast its reel arrangement from another online casino slot. A player is required to keep an eye on a combination of three fruit symbols arranged together at once and crush them. The crushed fruits are then replaced by new ones. Different fruits when crushed rewards with wins of different intensity.

Level It Up!

Fruit Blast is a slot with many levels. A gamer is required to collect stars (number of stars collected is decided by the number of fruits slashed at the particular level) and then use it to reach the next level. There is a total of nine levels, namely, Bartender Summer, Bartender Aloha, Bartender Pat, and six more. Bartender Summer is the first level while Bartender 9 is the last level of the game.

Each new level introduces a new barkeeper to the gamer, which changes the kind of rewards available for players to win. Each next level adds a new and more rewarding feature to the gameplay.

Play It Once!

Fruit Blast slots are not like any other regular slot which makes it popular among all types of casino gamers. It is also available on mobile phones (supported by Android, Windows, and iPhones) and can be played without downloading the game under ‘no download’ option. They also offer a demo version of the slot which can be used to understand the rules and regulations of the game first before playing it.

Fruit Blast is accessible for players above the age of 18 years only. Thanks to HTML 5, this game can be accessed on any hand-held devices. So enjoy the game on the move, from anywhere and everywhere.

Play, enjoy and have a memory for life.

Good Luck.

Fruit Blast 92
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