erzh*** 40,000 KZT
Oasis Poker Pro Series
andr*** 90 EUR
Roulette Lobby
krya*** 2,440 RUB
Wilhelm Tell
trup*** 320 PLN
Win Blaster
maka*** 46 EUR
Dazzle Me
K.Ma*** 21 EUR
erzh*** 40,000 KZT
Oasis Poker Pro Series
marc*** 80 PLN
Fruit Love
osam*** 30 EUR
Holdem Lobby
pete*** 30 EUR
Vies*** 128 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
Vies*** 64 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
20ta*** 1,344 RUB
Piggy Riches MegaWays
andr*** 54 EUR
Roulette Lobby
erzh*** 30,000 KZT
Oasis Poker Pro Series
trup*** 800 PLN
Win Blaster
eddy*** 165 EUR
Madame Ink
trup*** 160 PLN
Win Blaster
kami*** 65 PLN
Smoking Dogs
20ta*** 1,876 RUB
Piggy Riches MegaWays
erzh*** 40,000 KZT
Oasis Poker Pro Series
Vies*** 80 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
andr*** 24 CAD
Elven Princesses
kami*** 146 PLN
Smoking Dogs
wies*** 63 EUR
Book of Fortune
Vies*** 160 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
andr*** 72 EUR
Roulette Lobby
Vies*** 80 PLN
GAM Royal Seven XXL
trup*** 160 PLN
Win Blaster
usla*** 2,025 RUB
Available Bonuses
GameArt / Evoplay battle
Ends in:
days   h : m : s
Prize pool:
RUB 500000
About game

Fruit Slots Online Slot

Fruit Slots slot is a retro-themed game developed by Microgaming, one of the top-tier gambling software providers. It was released on January 1st, 2013. This title takes the player to the basics of casino machines. It has a very simple gameplay featuring 3 reels and one payline.

If you are a fan of classic casino games, then you’ll certainly love slot Fruit Slots. Microgaming has made the machine simple and has not included any fancy features. As a result, you’ll find it as the most relaxing and easy to play the slot.

In this review, we will discuss all you need to know about the Fruit Slots slot machine. We’ve also included the information considering playing Fruit Slots for free and for real money.

Basic Features of Fruit Slots

This is the game that focuses on keeping simplicity to the highest level. The table below is a summary of the machine and its features. Keep in mind that the specifications are the same for all whether you are playing Fruit Slots demo or you are playing for real money.

Software Provider



Video Slot

Number of Reels


Number of Paylines


Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet




Wild Symbols


Scatter Symbols


Free Spins




Bonus Rounds




Multiplayer Mode




Mobile Version


How to Play Fruit Slots

Gamers can access Fruit Slots slot machine online, and no download is necessary. You can only play it from your desktop since it is not compatible with any tablet or mobile device.  The graphics and rules are still the same on all of these platforms. You can play free Fruit Slots casino slot machine and also for real money.

The game layout is simple with the paytable on the right side of the screen and the reels on the upper left. There are several colours, and probably they represent the different colours of the fruits. This slot online has a few control buttons.

The Spin button on the bottom right is used to start the game. Bet Max is for selecting your maximum stake and Bet one is for choosing the payline. Use the Help button to find out more about the game online. There are no rules displayed since the process of playing is straightforward.

The logo of this slot game contains all the fruits you’ll find in the game. These include watermelon, plums, cherries, oranges, and lemons. There is not much going on for these symbols, and they pay the least. Keep an eye for the fruits salads if you want to increase your chances of winning. The fruits salad pays the highest with three of them paying as follows:

  • 1st Coin - 250
  • 2nd Coin - 500
  • 3rd Coin – 2500.

Any 2 of the fruits salad pay 75 for the third coin, and anyone will pay 15 for the same coin. There are also Bar symbols with three bars paying the highest and one bar paying the least. Three Bar symbols pay 240, two bars award 120 and one bar pay 60.


Fruit Slots slot machine game is certainly one of the simplest to play casino titles from Microgaming. The control buttons are straightforward, and so are the rules. If you are that kind of player who enjoys classic casino machines, then you’ll undoubtedly love playing Fruit Slots for real money. It takes you back to the basics when slot machines were simple with few symbols and no bonus features. And even though not so much is going around, the symbols can be quite rewarding.

Fruit Slots
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