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About game

Heist Online

One of the greatest thrills as a child was walking into a bank and imagining casing the joint of all its valuables. With Heist slots, the new online slot machine game from Betsoft, you can entertain your naughtier gaming desires whilst hitting big on an exciting slot machine. The game is beautifully presented, like most games from Betsoft, with stunning graphics and attention to detail, all centered around the theme of bank robberies. The game screen is a big vault, with electronics one might use to rob a bank. The main character of the story is named Neil, and he has been a thief all his life. He is constantly being chased by an overworked detective.

How to Play Heist

Play free Heist casino slot machine, without any deposits or bet real money and look to make your winnings. Whichever style of gambling you choose, be happy that there are no downloads, with Heist online able to be enjoyed directly from the browser of your chosen device or system, anywhere in the UK.

The symbols all center around the theme, and they include:

  • Diamonds,
  • Stacks of Cash,
  • A Single Bank Note,
  • A Gun,
  • A Stop Watch,
  • A Keypad.

Unlike many similar video slot titles, Heist slot machine does not include any Scatter or Wild symbols. However, it does include bonus symbols, which carry with them bonus rewards and features.

These bonus symbols are:

  • Glass Cutter,
  • Dynamite,
  • Drills,
  • A Bank Vault.

Playing the game is fairly simple. There are 5 reels and 30 paylines. Access free spins by hitting 3 or more glass cutters in one spin. You are also asked to pick one of the glass cutters, each of which will offer different rewards.

There are also several bonus side games that can be accessed through Heist. Hitting the C4 symbol smack in the middle of your game board, you access the 2x Wild mode. This mode doubles your winnings, whilst also locking the symbols in place for a few rounds.

In a similar vein, 3 or more drill symbols activates the drill Scatter mode, rewarding you with a cash prize depending on how many drills you found.

The final bonus round is the bank vault, which activates a mini-game in which you must assist the thief to escape from the robbery unharmed. This mini-game is activated by landing on three different bank vaults, as well as selecting the correct glass cutter symbol. Success in this mini-game comes with more instant prizes.

How to Win

Heist is a fairly simple game that has an average number of paylines and decent payout. Your best bet at maximizing your winnings and hitting the big jackpots is to bet the maximum. The game has an RTP of 95.4%, which is impressive and means that it may be profitable to look to maximize your winnings.

Slot lovers, as well as lovers of a great story, will really enjoy the popular Heist. It’s well-presented without feeling overdone and comes with a great assortment of side games and bonus features. A great experience which will be enjoyed by most fans of Betsoft games.

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