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Jaguar Warrior Online

Jaguar Warrior is an amazingly created game that throws us back to the Aztec civilization which once reigned in Central Mexico. This creation by Casino Technology has summed up the architectural prowess, culture and lifestyle of the Aztec community in the Jaguar Warrior slots. The developers have added to this theme a touch of gambling by including 5 reels and 20 pay lines, rewarding individuals who seek to try out the game’s adventure. The slot adds to its ancient Aztec theme by having background music in the form of drums and chanting sounds, both of which are associated with this community. A background of stone structures is representative of the Aztec’s ways of building pyramids and outstanding temples.

How to Begin

To play the Jaguar Warrior online slot, you need to find a casino online of your choice and get into gaming without any delays. Luckily, the UK has many such online casinos that offer the Jaguar Warrior slots with a no download requirement. Once online, a player can immediately identify the red wagering button that is used to add or reduce the number of coins to bet. Of the 20 pay lines, a player can activate the number that they wish to bet for, keeping in mind that the more the pay lines, the higher the chances of winning a prize.

The play mode of this popular casino game has two options:

  • Auto-play - A player sets a fixed wager and number of spins to play, and the game does the spinning for them.
  • Spin-by-spin play - A player spins one round at a time, with the option of modifying the wager per round. This option is achieved by the use of the Start button that’s clearly displayed in blue.

Symbols and Features

To get into the best winning ways, one needs to understand the 8 symbols associated with the Jaguar Warrior. Four of them are the card symbols Ace, Q, K, and J. These symbols are frequent in the game and have a low value in terms of their payout. Highly valued symbols of the game include the spear, sword, hatchet and an Aztec priest. Matching these symbols results in a higher payout than matching the card ones. In fact, one can get a real money reward by matching as little as two icons of the priest.

The Jaguar Warrior slots have two scatters. The first one, represented by a pyramid, triggers a reward when it appears on the reels in any formation. The second one, a statue of gold, appears on reels 1, 2 and 5. One gets a reward by having three such icons on the screen once the spinning stops. A unique Wild, represented by a Warrior, appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can replace any of the game’s reel images, except the scatters. It can spread across an entire reel, increasing your winning combinations.

Winning Tips

  • Practice with free trials first. You can play free Jaguar Warrior casino slot machine games first before you place a real money wager
  • Maximize on your pay lines. The higher the number of activated pay lines, the higher your winning chances
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