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Available Bonuses
About game

Lucky 3 Penguins Online

Penguins are just so adorable and would make really lovely pets if it were possible to keep them at home like we keep cats or dogs. They are referred mostly as cute and cuddly.

Lucky 3 Penguins is a popular online casino slot developed by the Casino Technology. Just as it’s known that these animals live in icy areas, the theme behind Lucky 3 Penguins slot has the same concept. With an icy surrounding, the idea behind this game is quite catchy and gives a player the real feel of a penguin’s habitat. One can play free Lucky 3 Penguins casino slot machine and win real money! The night sky displayed on the screen is beautiful, and the many colors used in this game are a great way of capturing one's attention and keeping it locked due to the many great bonus features incorporated here.

There’s a block of ice on the ocean where the lovely animals are. The different symbols used in Lucky 3 Penguins online are nicely placed in ice cubes. The reels appear to be frozen as well, giving this game a nice icy feel.

There’s soft background music just like in other online casino slots games, and one can easily notice the classic atmosphere displayed by the game as they play.

Play on!

With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, Lucky 3 Penguins is an easy game to understand and actually make a winning. Just make up your mind on the amount your wager will begin gambling!

Below the reels is the command bar where you get to choose the pay lines you want to play with. You have the option to bet between 1 and 25 coins in the first round, on any of the available pay lines. Once done with choosing all that’s required to begin playing, you can hit the blue button which is the start button. Pick your prizes once the reels stop spinning, and only if you’ve made wins.

The amount of wager you bet on defines your reward that appears only on the activated pay line which appears from left to right. The bonus games featured like the guessing the color of a hidden card may double your wins, while guessing the suit may quadruple your wins and earn you a really catchy payout!

However, making the wrong guesses in these free side games may make you lose all that you will have earned in the main game!

Easy Game

There are several symbols in this game. They include:

  • Ace, Queen, King and Jack – These come in very catchy colorful round like font and a little bit of snow on top of them. They are the least valuable symbols in this UK game
  • Squid, Fish, Crab, Crawfish and a Seal – These are marine creatures and are found as you go up the pay table.
  • The 3 penguins – They are found on the top of the pay table and are the wild in the game. They can be used in place of any other symbol in order to have some value and actually make a winning.

The 3 penguins are colored purple, yellow and blue and are found on the 4th, 3rd and 2nd reels respectively. Finding the blue and yellow penguins automatically land you 15 free spins increasing your chances of making the best winnings at this slot machine.

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Lucky 3 Penguins