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Razor Shark
carl*** 190 EUR
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Alek*** 1,280 RUB
Red Cap
bukh*** 5,000 RUB
2020 Hit Slot
carl*** 305 EUR
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ooo.*** 1,400 RUB
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Spina Colada
info*** 540 EUR
Honey Rush
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Money Train 2
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prav*** 23 EUR
Available Bonuses
Ends in:
days   h : m : s
Prize pool:
RUB 500000
About game

Lucky Seven Online

Released in 2009, Lucky Seven slot game is an old title. It is no wonder that this Betsoft title approaches the game design with a retro theme. Lucky Seven offers a pure gaming experience without the sideshow of thematic splendor and verbose bonus features. The stripped down slot is available to play on instant play, no download required.


Lucky Seven online is a classic slot with three reels and a single payline. There is really not much going on in the game with regard to designed and theme. It is simply a memento of old-school fruit machines that are characteristic of land-based casinos. The reels looked polished against a dark magenta backdrop with wooden like accents. A cheerful chatter accompanies every win. A slight whir can also be heard when the reels are spun. There are also some simple animations that celebrate a player’s victory.

Only familiar icons grace the reels in this classic slot machine. These include Single, double, and triple bar, Cherries, Red 7s, and Lucky Sevens.

The control console lies beneath the reels. Among the settings are a bet value adjuster and a coin selector. There is also an autoplay function that allows the reels to spin sequentially without player involvement. The Bet Max button will set the reels in motion after placing the highest wager possible.

Coins values at Lucky Seven slots are fixed. There are templates which the player can use to adjust the coin values before launching the game. These values range from 0.02 to 1.00. These values will be multiplied with between 1 and 3 coins available for the player to choose. The minimum bet is therefore 0.02 while the maximum is 3 currency units. Wagers can be placed using real money.

Maintaining a classic purity, the slot game only pays out when three icons are aligned on the payline. No free spins are available in this slot.


The paytable can be accessed from the control console below the reels. As you would expect, the table is small considering that there are only four unique symbols that pay out. As earlier noted, a player may wager one, two, or three coins. The best option is to wager three coins since this pays out the maximum amounts.

  • The highest paying icon is the Lucky Seven with a maximum delivery of 5,000 coins. This amount also doubles as the game’s jackpot.
  • The Red 7 comes in next with up to 750 coins at the player’s disposal.
  • Three cherries on a winning payline will yield 450 coins while the triple bar will earn 300 coins.
  • The double bar and single bar earn 150 and 50 coins respectively.
  • A combination of two single bar icons and cherry will gift the player a total of 30 coins.

Lucky seven online slot is a fun-filled game for those gamblers with a bias for the classics. It may, however, displease gamers who fancy bonus features over aesthetics and style. This game has proved to be popular especially in the UK market where it has been played over 100,000 times as of 2017. Play free Lucky Seven casino slot machine game to enjoy a pure feeling of retro fun.

Lucky Seven
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