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Mad Hatters Online Slot

Mad Hatters is arguably one of Microgaming best and most popular, free online casino slot machines ever. From its sudden appearance on the virtual space of online games in 2015, it’s been steadily climbing up the rungs of the popularity ladder in the UK gaming community and elsewhere. The slot is quite obviously themed around the fantastical world of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and does justice to its origins with its sudden bonuses and madcap moments peppering the gameplay. The structure is a usual 5 reel, 3 row one with a total of 30 paylines, all of which are however fixed.

Alice, Which Way? – How to Play

Mad Hatters slots have a wide variety of quirky original symbols all of which trace back to Alice’s sojourn in Wonderland. The reels have broomsticks flying about in wild abandon, straight-faced rabbits popping out of their burrows dutifully, magical teacups and more keeping alive the tea-party spirit and wizards making guest-appearances to get the magic going!

A player can adjust the minimum and maximum bet values in accordance with his or her gameplay strategy and budget.

The payouts for the symbols are decent and usually range between a standard 20 times a player’s bet to 30 times a player’s bet, keeping one happy but waiting eagerly for more.

The game allows a player to win a jackpot amount of 50,000 in credits or real money as the maximum possible win which is significantly higher than most online slots around.

Mad Hatters from Microgaming hence has a base game that is intriguing and fun and allows the player to return to the realm of childhood, fairytales, and possibility. Each player must don the motley of the mad hatter and enter into the spirit of carnival to be a guest at this endless tea-party.

From Teacups to Treasure

If you thought that was all, think again. Mad Hatters, no download game packs an impressive punch with its bonus opportunities, allowing a player to win consistently even if small amounts, while also aiming for the crowning jewel in a quiet strategy. The bonus features to be triggered include the following:

  • The wild symbol in the game is that of an all-powerful Wizard. The symbol can, of course, substitute for all other symbols except the scatter to form cascading winning combinations that multiply a player’s wins manifold.
  • The appearance of the wild symbol on the third reel triggers the entire reel, which then ‘goes wild’ and creates a plethora of simultaneous wins!
  • The scatter symbol in this mad slot machine is a cuckoo, which appears with a steady regularity across the 30 paylines. It can trigger up to a whopping 50 free spins depending upon the number of symbols appearing at a time. It can also trigger multipliers that remain in place for the duration of the free spins, further increasing the game’s play appeal for the player, whether novice or veteran.
  • Finally, there is the classic Microgaming double-or-nothing gamble option, where, after a given win, a player may choose to risk his or her winnings in a gamble. He or she must guess correctly the colour of an upturned playing-card which appears on the interface. It is this feature that can ultimately win the player the much-craved jackpot.

A Ride to Remember

So play free Mad Hatters casino slot machine if you’re in the mood for an immersive journey through the realms of magic and mystery.  The game will transport you to Alice’s side as you sip tea and navigate this world of scones, cupcakes, oracle’s, rabbits, hats, queens and more. To sum up, the vibe of this popular pick one reminds a line of the mad hatter himself, “We’re all a little mad here.”

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