pobe*** 3,738 RUB
Divine Fortune
shve*** 1,520 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
et22*** 414 PLN
Wild Falls
shve*** 2,240 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
shve*** 2,480 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
shve*** 23,360 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
shve*** 3,160 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
shve*** 4,440 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
et22*** 315 PLN
Wild Rails
butt*** 2,000 RUB
Book of Dead
muta*** 2,000 RUB
Lucky Streak 3
shve*** 2,040 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
romb*** 1,094 RUB
Moon Princess
taki*** 1,300 RUB
Aztec Glory
pobe*** 17,970 RUB
Divine Fortune
sirr*** 11,090 RUB
Legacy of Egypt
cher*** 3,450 RUB
Legacy of Dead
mina*** 5,355 RUB
Crazy Monkey
shve*** 7,440 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
shve*** 1,080 RUB
Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
butt*** 6,000 RUB
GAM Aura of Zeus CCS
rako*** 36 EUR
Golden Ticket
arte*** 6,240 RUB
Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild
mina*** 2,700 RUB
Crazy Monkey
mina*** 1,215 RUB
Crazy Monkey
taki*** 4,030 RUB
Olympus Glory
pobe*** 2,970 RUB
Divine Fortune
butt*** 47,000 RUB
GAM Aura of Zeus CCS
shve*** 3,000 RUB
Midas Golden Touch
muta*** 1,540 RUB
Available Bonuses
About game

Mega Moolah Online

Microgaming is a very popular name among various online real money slot game software suppliers. They have been designing and launching slot game machines for a long time now. Most of their works have high quality, interesting graphics, and striking features. Such games can be enjoyed both by the beginners in this line as well as the experienced usual players of the board games.

From the line of online casino slots by Microgaming, here comes another interesting addition. Mega Moolah is one of the very first slots where the concept of winning progressive and impressive jackpots was introduced. This one is both for the amateurs and also the advanced players. The theme here is that of an animated jungle full of lively and colourful symbols to look out for. Free spins play, jackpots, wilds, and all such additions make this no download casino all the more attractive to the online players.

The Key Characteristic Features

Mega Moolah Slots can be termed as being revolutionary slots in accordance with the available options and features. There are chances here for gambling and getting your hands on real cash payouts. The lucky ones can even stand chances to win massive jackpots and what not.

The characteristic features of Mega Moolah slots are as follows:

  • It has five reels on the board and the number of paylines available is twenty-five in number.
  • Every player is allowed to take a bet of highest 125 coin credits every single spin.
  • Most of the symbols are chosen according to the theme of the slot. They are all very colourful and vibrant. The theme is that of a cartoon-like forest or jungle, animals like that of zebras, monkeys, lions, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, water buffalos etc. are used as prominent symbols.
  • Apart from the animal symbols, other specific symbols can be traced on the board during the play. The King, the Queen, Ten, Nine, Ace, and Jack are few such symbols to look out for.

Let’s Not Forget the Bonus Features

The play free Mega Moolah casino slot machine does have some very intriguing additional features to flaunt. These features and options make this online casino almost an instant favourite among its takers. Such bonus features are as follows:

  • The symbol of the ‘monkey’ serves as a scatter symbol. This scatter has a unique facility attached to it. If three monkey scatters appear on the screen simultaneously, the player is about to win a free spins session for him. If the three scatters appear on a payline which is currently active, 15 free spins can be unlocked all at once.
  • While the free spins session is going on, if the player successfully lands on a winning combination, the amount is increased by three times and the player is awarded a big fortune at the end of the session.
  • In the Mega Moolah slots, the symbol of the lion is considered as a wild symbol. The king of the jungle is also the wild of the game. The appearance of 2 or more lions on the board can make you the owner of a handsome fortune. The lion can also work as a multiplier according to the situation the symbol appears in.

One of the Best Slot Experiences

Mega Moolah, designed and introduced by Microgaming, is an eye-soothing online casino machine. It has interesting and captivating graphical representations. The jungle presented here is all colourful and full of life. The features are also good enough to hold the attention of its taker throughout the journey. The unique wilds, the amazing free spins, the opportunities to land on a massive jackpot round and all other such cool features make this online slot almost invincible in itself.

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Mega Moolah