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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Online

Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is a creation by Microgaming, that surely brings something new to the very wide genre of online gambling, especially roulette. This new, improved and completely revamped version of the classic and traditional title is different as it lets you play up to 8 different wheels at once, essentially being a Multi-Wheel. Here, the betting option that it has is quite liberal and broad-based, although it should be noted that each has its specific limits. But we can say with guarantee that this title is both for the high-rolling players and for the casual players that are looking for a good time. You can easily find this online casino game to play at VulkanVegas.

Gaming Experience and Features

Unlike other variants existing on the internet, Multi Wheel Roulette Gold is completely different. When starting to play, you will obviously notice the graphics and the slightly outdated user interface at first, which will surely be perplexing. On that screen, on the top part of it, you will see 8 individual wheels, while on the bottom half of the page is the numbers grid. One thing that should be talked about is that compared to other games that Microgaming has put out, this one is not exactly the best. But, over time, you will begin to understand it fully. The first impression of this game could be a little tainted because of the overcrowding of the screen and the complexity of playing the game but once you get a grasp of it will be easy to win some money pretty quickly.

Some of its notable features include:

  • 8 individual roulette wheels;
  • The table has 37 numbered pockets;
  • Traditional bet rules and payout ratios;
  • You can activate and disable wheels.

The most impressive thing about this whole game would definitely have to be the 8 discrete wheels. The best part would have to be that you get to choose how many you want to play with at a particular time and also get to change that number after a spin. Doing that is pretty easy, you just have to select the wheel and click on it, and you can disable or activate that particular wheel. How it works is: if you are placing a bet on the grid, you are betting on all the wheels that are currently active. This will mean that your bet will actually be multiplied by the number of active wheels there are present at that moment. Obviously, each wheel has its own payout.

Payouts and Odds

For this game, each of the 8 roulette wheels has its own payout. As mentioned above it features a classic layout. It offers you the completely traditional methods of betting and payout ratios, which signifies to us that the game is left unchanged otherwise.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is a European Roulette game that is noteworthy. You have to be quite a risk-taker to play it. Your chances of winning real money increase manifold because of the multiple roulettes but you also have to keep in mind that it increases the risks of losing as well. The house edge is 2.70%. And since this game is similar to all other roulettes, it shouldn’t be that difficult to practice. The most advantageous thing about it is that it provides you with many more spins than your usual game. It is incredibly easy to play free Multi Wheel Roulette Gold online at any casino site.

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Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold
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