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Shining Treasures Slot Machine

If you are looking for a good classic slot machine to play, Shining Treasures from Casino Technology may be one of the best options for you. This popular fruit slot machine contains 5 reels & 15 pay lines and offers an interesting mini-game you can play after every winning spin. It does not have advanced graphics or flashy visuals, but it offers something better: solid gameplay filled with frequent payouts. Let’s start spinning the reels!

The Prize Amounts and Bonus Rounds of Shining Treasures Slot Game

Shining Treasures slots include 10 symbols, and seven of them are shown with fruit pictures, as it is usual to see in this category. There is also a “7” symbol, which is the most valuable one. The payout rates of these symbols change between 200 and 50.000 coins, which are quite high figures. You need to score at least two “7” symbols to qualify for a payout, all other symbols require three. The more symbols you land, the bigger your prize will be.

There are also two special symbols in Shining Treasures, which is a rare thing to see in fruit casino slot games.

  • The first one is Wild, which is shown with a crown picture. It does not have a payout value, but it can substitute other symbols, except for scatter. 
  • The Scatter symbol is shown with a picture of a star. No matter where it lands, it pays up to 45.000 coins. This is a big advantage: you don’t need to land the scatter symbol on a pay line, anywhere is fine.

Shining Treasures also contains a bonus round, but it is not extra spins. After winning a prize that is less than 10x total bet amount, the game will invite you to play a mini-game called “double-up”. This is a guessing game: you are asked to predict the colour or the suit of a face-down playing card. If you guess correctly, your prize amount will be doubled. If you continue to play and keep guessing correctly, you can win up to 50x total bet. However, there is a catch: if you guess wrong, you will lose all the reward.

Tips and Tricks About Shining Treasures Slot

You don’t need to click on the “spin” button. Pressing the Enter or Space key on your keyboard will spin the reels too.

The paytable of this gambling game is tied to the bet amount. In other words, if you want higher payouts, you need to play with the maximum bet amount. In this regard, at least 6 coins are needed to spin the reels. The maximum bet amount is 300 coins per spin.

Play Free Shining Treasures Casino Slot Machine Instantly!

It is possible to play Shining Treasures for free or with real money: the choice is yours. In any case, this online slot game will require no download, you can play it directly from your browser. Fruit slots can be very fun (and profitable) to play, so we highly recommend giving Shining Treasures a go. Good luck and may the reels always spin in your favour!

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