Gem Rocks - take the money from the Stone Troll!

Gem Rocks - take the money from the Stone Troll!

The idea is that the stones of different colors will fall in a chaotic order throughout the slot in 6 reels. Thus, the player will have 4096 ways to win. However, winnings will not happen as often as in classic slots, but their weight will be much bigger!

Do not be confused by the fact that there are no scatter and wild symbols in the game, there are no free spins and bonus games in their classical form. The idea of the game is to achieve 2, 5 and/or 9 consecutive wins. In this case, you wake up the main character of the game - Troll, which, appearing on the screen, causes the stones explosion with the color, which will be the most profitable for you, rewarding very large!

Two wins in succession create a 2 × 2 combination; five wins create 3 × 3 blocks, and 9 consecutive victories add a 4 × 4 combination to the reels, allowing the player to count on the maximum win. If you can form your strategy and believe in your luck - this slot cannot leave you indifferent, and the winnings from the stone Troll will always be able to improve the mood and size of your wallet!

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