Grab instant wins with minimum losses!

Bored of spinning the reels and don’t feel like playing cards? We have something new to suggest! Our casino is proud to present a special format of drawings - instant scratch-lottery with a guaranteed win. Without any doubts, you have already heard about scratch-lotteries before. But we’ve improved the common well-known scratches in a special way to make them more groovy and catching.

The rules are pretty plain – scratch three of nine cells on the game field and collect three identic symbols. The key feature of our lottery is a sector with guaranteed prize. This means that if you fail to collect a winning combination in three attempts, you obtain a guaranteed complimentary prize!

For a fixed price of $5 you get three attempts to reveal a winning combination(three scratch-cards). And the maximum win hidden on the field is $30. There are also combinations for $20 and $10. The guaranteed prize can rich up to 30% of the ticket price and is randomized per symbols as follows.

Our scratch-lottery is a solid and trustworthy way to increase your balance with minimum risk of losses and enrich your gambling experience. Join now and check this out!

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