Sugar Pop II - the best way to make money on sweets

Sugar Pop II - the best way to make money on sweets

Combinations can be made, either with the help of straight lines, or with the help of "broken" lines. Depending on the nominal value of the symbols, the win can receive a multiplier from X4 to X20. While composing combinations, winning lines explode. And in their place appear symbols that are higher, or new symbols.

If the winnings are not big enough, you can always play the risk game, which is provided in this slot. And you can choose - to play for the entire amount, or only for the half of the winnings. You have to guess the "eagle or tails", and such attempts can be no more than 5 consecutive.

Candy Wild is a symbol that can replace any missing combination.

Bonus (Chocolate Bomb) - makes an explosion of not less than 6 cells, making a space for potentially new winning combinations.

Level Up (Star) - allows you to make transitions in the game to a new level with even greater winnings.

Also there are free spins in this slot, which run by at least 4 scatters. For this amount 5 free spins are given, adding for each subsequent scatter 2 more.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to win. Hurry up and play SugarPop 2: Double Dipped and the sweet life is guaranteed!

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